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This now said, I as a user of this Website understand that a separate individualized contract will be signed on the day of the Excursion between me and my Host and an oral contract will be done for services provided such as VIP service with the Host. For contract failure to sign or agree such contract cannot give rise to the performance of the Excursion or service.

By visiting this site I agree to these terms and conditions in full consent without reserves and shall immediately discontinue to use this Website in the event I do not agree with these terms and conditions and the disclaimer of this Website.

I understand and agree that I must understand English enough to perform any Excursion or service proposed by the various Hosts.

I understand and I am aware that the text and pictures provided on this website www.exciting-phangan.com can be modified at anytime and does not reflect entirely the Excursion or service performed, Exciting Phangan and its company We Did It Co Ltd or and the Host can decide to change these texts or pictures before or during the Excursion or service. I have the possibility to ask any question or obtain any document or the contract to be signed before hand or before any payment.

I understand as I have the possibility to be aware of all information needed that once any down-payment is made and the Excursion is cancelled by myself for any reason that the down-payment done will be kept as damages for my cancellation.

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I understand that any risk is to me solely to assess and to be discussed directly before any Excursion or service provided with the Host. I engage that We Did It Co Ltd can in no way be concerned or bothered about this.

It solely belongs to me to evaluate the exactitude and content of the opinions, services, products, pictures, texts provided on this Website or in general on Internet.